Welcome to our 70th Birthday Party Page!

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July 29th, 2011

The Birthday Party luncheon at Burke’s was great but, if you were late (guilty), the conversation time was a little short. 67 classmates and spouses attended. Some had not been seen for a while, like Fay Lindstrom Owen. The food was excellent, but when it came to the Birthday Cake, it was missing the 70 candles (lol). None of us could have blown them out in one breath anyway! Diane Drews donated M & M’s in honor of M & M’s 70th Birthday.
The pontoon tour of Silver Lake, a spring-fed lake, was fun and followed lunch. Many, of those attending, had never viewed the lake from this vantage point. Many thanks to Nancy (Abendroth) Thiele and, husband, Tim.

July 30, 2011

We met at the Kiltie at Noon. With plenty of vitamin D to go around, the chat began. It was a great chance to renew old (no pun intended) acquaintances and, renew, we did! The conversations ranged from how many children classmates have to cars (always a good topic) to health issues to the recent Oconomowoc murder (a lot of speculation here). A few notables were Audrey Pankow Jurgensen and Vivian Reid Reimer and husband, Rich, from Texas, and Arne Hein. Tim Murphy arrived via his bike and Ed and Caroline Soleska arrived driving a 1929 Chevrolet “Speedster”…well it was speedy back then!

July 31, 2011

We met at the back of the old high school around 11:30 AM. Whew, a very hot day! Our Tour Guide, Ron Hoffman, Lynne Koepke’s hubby, was very gracious and helped us get around the Haunted House props without a boo! Oh, the nostalgia…everyone was trying to remember who their teachers were for a particular class and what room the subject was taught in. We even had a study hall. Remember the old 212 study hall (in the balcony over the auditorium)? OMG, the nostalgia was rampant! We could view the “Rocky Horror Glee Club” rehearsing on the stage. The old hall clocks are gone but the bells (more like a loud, ugly alarm clock) that reminded us class was starting, are still installed (thank God, they aren’t functioning)! I have to say, of all the events, I thought this one would be boring….hah, not boring at all! Actually, it was great exercise which will keep us young (dream on, Norine)!
This was really enjoyable and thank you heaps, Ron Hoffman.

Harold and Barb Butschke finally joined the festivities. Loving sympathy to the Butschke family for the loss of their loved one.

Following the tour, by compromise (we made the decision faster than Congress), we went to Maxim’s Depot for lunch. Their Sunday brunch was excellent and even included crepes. Now, everyone said their goodbye’s and headed out.

Representative states were Wisconsin, Indiana, California, Texas, Missouri, Hawaii, Colorado and South Carolina.