November 5, 2015

Welcome Home Carol Miller Rauen

Carol's Welcome Home_11-05-2015



Friday, June 27, 2014 – Fish Fry

Lindberg’s By The River, Watertown

Lindberg’s By The River is a beautiful place on the Rock River and the day was without rain.  23 attended.  The food was great as an all-you-can eat.  The food included bowls of potato salad, coleslaw, platters of fish, chicken and bread basket.  Everyone enjoyed the food.    Some new faces were present.  John Ahrendt, Ned Timmel and Alice, John Persitza and Maxine, and Norb and Rita Svatos graced us with their presence.   After the meal, we congregated out in the parking lot and while there, John Evans finally found us!  GPS failed?   Excuse please, camera did not get active until most had finished their meal and left their table.  Please note some of Lindberg’s pictures have been changed.

Nancy’s gift: Purple and Gold dish, pan scrubbies !

Composite Kemmerling, Persitza, Timmel, Svatos









Composite Kuschenrueter, Kluewer, Miller, Svatos, AliceComposite Skyler and Ahrendt




Stay Tuned . . . .

55th Class Reunion, September 26, 27, 28, 2014


September 13, 2013 – Fish Fry

Pribnow’s Restaurant, Ashippun

27 attended.  Marion Kluewer is not pictured.

September13, 2013 (1)  September 13, 2013 (2)

September 13, 2013 (3)


September 13, 2013 (4)















Too bad there isn’t a 13th month. . . the date would have then been 13-13-13!  Unlucky ?


July 19, 2013 – Fish Fry

Pribnow’s Restaurant, Ashippun

It was time to have a fish fry again since the last one was March, 2012.  52, which includes classmates and spouses, attended.  Everyone appeared to have a good time.  We had representation from Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and California.

Recently, a friend asked me if I knew which classmates played professional baseball.  Do you?  I will give the answer below the pictures.
Enjoy !


4. 07-19-2013_DDrews_SDriscollRSchroeder_LMiller_OHSPhotoDelvry

1. 07-19-2013 Tables

3. 07-19-2013 Meuler, Murphy, Marks, Koepke, Butschke, Rauen


2. 07-19-2013 McDonough, Rollefson, Svatos, Harrison_Maier



















5. 07-19-2013 ClosingLakeCountryAfterFishFry





The answer:  George Schonath and Dave Bresnehan.






July 3, 2013

George Paulsberg and his wife, Patricia, visited Oconomowoc over the 4th of July.  They live in Wasilla, Alaska.












Recent Photos

July, 2013

3. Heron's Landing_LR_2297








June, 2013

Janis and Ken Millett, June 2013

Pat and Dick Mueler



Friday, March 30, 2012 Pribnow’s

35 attended the Fish Fry at Pribnow’s Maple Inn in Old Ashippun. As time goes on, the faces now become more familiar.  Tan Streak was the mode of transportation for four classmates.    A bit of excitement developed in the parking lot drop off area when the doors locked on Doreen (Wendt) Dunn’s car without a soul in it.  Car running and all doors locked.  Doreen’s memory is good and she recollected the combination after a fashion.  As usual, everyone had a good time.







fish fry

Fish Fry














Friday, October 28, 2011

ohs golden class reunion

Looking at the pictures, I wonder what was more important…the chat or the food.  Maybe both?  The event was held at Deer Creek Run in New Berlin on October 28th, and hosted by Suzy Cook Horn, in the party room of Suzy’s apartment complex.  As usual, the food was aplenty.  It was an open bring-a-dish-to-pass.  There were salads, snacks and desserts.  Eat your heart out guys!  It was a fun event and is always great to see and renew with our classmates.  Those attending were Suzy Cook Horn, Gloria Sprague (not pictured), Susie Rentmeester Smid, Katie VanKorn Zirkel, Carol Miller Rauen, Helen Steinman Ackley, Darlene Lane Malkow, Pat Humphrey Schertz, Carolyn Maier Anderson, Nancy Oleson Jones, Nancy Abendroth Thiele, Mary Jane Jaeger Payne, Susie Driscoll Lucht (not pictured), Diane Drews Johnson and Norine Degner Peardon.  To enlarge any picture, just click on it.  Thank you Suzy Cook Horn for being so gracious and Susie Driscoll Lucht for the pictures.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kathie Clark Golembiewski graciously hosted an appetizer potluck on May 24, 2011. What a collection of FOOD! The meal was enhanced by the view of the beautiful Milwaukee skyline and lakefront. Those attending were (left to right): Susie Cook Horn, Norine Degner Peardon, Darlene Lane Malkow, Pat Humphrey Schertz, Kathy Clark Golembiewski, Nancy Oleson Jones, Joanne Christian Abel, Carol Miller Rauen, Katie VanKorn Zirkel, Helen Steinman Ackley. Taking the picture was Joan Evans Krueger.


Highlight of the gathering was the cupcakes …from Milwaukee Cupcake Company located just down the street from Kathie’s residence. Although a very cold day (East wind off the lake), there was plenty of warmth inside.


Was this Kathy’s last party? ? ?


May 8, 2010

On Friday, May 8, 2010, all classmates who were interested met at Prebnow’s for a fish fry!   What a great evening…..45 attended.   Some were from out-of-state.  Examples; Karen Monis Lembcke ( Indiana) and Elenore Harrison Dofelmire (Illinois).   Of course, Norine, the storyteller, and Carol, Our Historian, were in attendance!   We even discussed birthdates.  Who cares when you are in your late 60’s !  Wisconsin’s weather was not very cooperative, but we didn’t care!  There was plenty warmth to go around!   Stay tuned for the next update!